Self Interview In English

Self-Interview about My English Writing and Academic Research Career

This self interview will be executed between my inner child self (via the network of hindsight) and the current version of myself. My parents named me Erin in honor of our Irish lineage, and so the interviewer will be called Erin. As an individuated adult I accepted that I did not resonate with holding the name of a country, and chose the virtue of my last name for my first name. Therefore, the interviewee with be called Grace.

Hello, Grace. Thank you for taking the time to explore yourself with me. Firstly, please tell me about yourself, and how you came to be a writer.

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Sure, thanks Erin. Well, as you know, when I was you I did not have a friend to talk to who understood my complex emotions, and would listen without condescension. I turned to writing in a journal in order to have my voice heard, and affirm my beliefs. Over ten years of daily writing I found that the act of writing was more than cathartic, that it helped me clarify my aspirations for life, and what I was not willing to accept. I was able to chart the evolution of my ideas about life, spirituality, and culture in a way that allowed me to build skills of memory retention, critical thinking, vocabulary, and the valuable power of being one’s own counselor.

Yes, journaling was absolutely necessary to weed out all the trauma and lies of our childhood. As you grew up with this discipline, what interests did writing support?

I made art to pass the time, and that led me to major in Fine Arts in college. College was a difficult time for me because, still vainly seeking community, I chose a Christian college. By the time I graduated with a Bachelor degree, I realized that I did not hold the Christian faith any longer, but that I was determined to continue making art and investigating what it meant to be me.

Why did you stop being a Christian?

I refused to believe I was born into sin, that this world is not real, and that I needed an intercessor to be ‘saved’ and brought into the real world after I die.

Yeah, I can understand why those beliefs would not mesh with your creative, curious spirit seeking to express itself through limitless freedom.

Yep, it was hard letting it go. However, I have found a more rewarding spirituality since then through the practice of yoga, introspection, vigorous truth-finding/retention/expression. After graduation I invested my bottled-up passion in creating a body of artwork that can be seen at Grace Foundation. I spent a great deal of time reading English and foreign classical literature (Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Washington Irving, etc.), poetry (Shelley, Baudelaire, Sandburg, etc.), spirituality (Merton, Huxley, Watts, Emerson etc.), psychology (Jung, Fromm, Nietzsche, etc.), and modern fiction (K.S. Robinson, T. Goodkind, David Mitchell, Auster, etc.) in the hopes of discovering the community of genius I belong in. After a decade of intensive reading enabling me to understand the cannon of literature detailing the evolution of humanity’s understanding of itself, I began to feel more contented.

Why contented?

Well Erin, I accepted that genius’ from all times have felt isolated from their brothers and sisters who choose not to seek the greatness within themselves, but are content to do what they are told by assumed authorities like God, Government, and Morality. I made the choice to invest in my own genius no matter what the cost, and to accept the loneliness that this begets in a culture obsessed with false-security buoyed up by materialism.

Yes, but aren't you afraid that your choice is a sign of excessive pride and when it's time to leave this world it could negatively affect you?

Yes, you make a valid point, but for now I don't have a good answer for that.

Wasn’t it this independence that led you to the career of freelance/research writer?

Yes. After having many types of jobs where I was extorted for my skills rather than rewarded for them, I decided to work independently (just like many other freelace writers featured on I began working with, writing papers of all kinds, as well as editing, resume writing, etc. In this work I was surprised to discover my dream job; getting paid to learn. Writing comes effortlessly to me now after nearly twenty years of reading and writing. Using these passions to help students articulate themselves from the undergraduate to the Doctoral level is a rewarding challenge that I would like to invest in further.

Wonderful, thanks for taking the time today Grace. I love you.

No problem, it was my pleasure. I love you too.

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